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In July 2016, Reea Cluj office has expanded its team with five highly creative students: Alex Lorinţ, Alina Bora, Anca Lența, Monica Hojda and Robert Sfichi. Their presence was facilitated by their position of winners at the Publifest advertising festival, organized by The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of Babes-Bolyai University. Their prize […]

As we mentioned in the previous article, the idea of developing a platform that can help students write easier and faster came up due to a problem that one of the founders’ brother encountered. After helping this family member finish the semester, Saad and Lee decided to leave their corporate jobs to help youngsters unveil […]

I was talking with one of our clients the other day. She told me they had a significant drop in sales during the last couple of months. We checked the number of visitors but found no answer there. Approximately the same amount of visitors each month from the same traffic sources. This should mean potential […]

Phil McMannis, our client from Boston, has visited us before Easter. Phil is a product manager at FreeLogoServices and came to Tîrgu-Mureș to meet with our developers. We receive a visit from a representative of annually, because the most complex aspects of the project require face to face conversation. Also, there are many stages […]

The history of a company can be hardly written. With years of hard work, success, failures, satisfactions, dissatisfactions, people who stay, people who leave. But the beginnings are forever etched in the memory of the brave ones who had a dream. Béatrice Tétaz was the first person who trusted Reea. And Reea hasn’t disappointed her. […]

Perhaps we have often come to the conclusion that there are lots of talents in our city, Tîrgu-Mureș. We know that they keep their passion alive by rehearsals, that they want to share it with others, that they want to be heard. And that they want to show that their experiences and desires for change […]

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