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Month: June 2015

The main problem when it comes to commerce is, generally, administration. If your business is already over a certain level, let’s say it has more than 10 employees, things get a little more complicated. You have to manage stocks on one hand, sales on the other, and of course to regard clients’ needs. For this […]

It was a game which created Mursunica. Maybe you have never imagined that, but programmers and designers manage to merge work and pleasure successfully, sometimes bringing out a bit of their childhood, even if they spend hours in front of their computers. Om nom nom, I want honey! Mursunica is a greedy she-bear with a […]

We launched www.fun4you.de, a new platform dedicated to the business environment in Germany. It deals with the organization of special events from parachute jumps or flights in jets to photo shoots or dinners at the candlelight. Fun4You ensures the direct link between companies that organize events and customers who are interested. The site also offers […]

Before you find out the answer of this question, you need to know what this conceptual structure means. So: What is Ruby on Rails? Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework, written in Ruby, used for developing web applications. You develop a lot of programs, and then you realize that you rewrite the same code […]